Hey Girl, Ladies Room Covered In Ryan Gosling's Face

If you have to powder your nose, why not do it in a bathroom with wall-to-wall Ryan Gosling pictures? Swoon.

Hey girl, nice job working those suds into a lather.

The obsession with Ryan Gosling hit new heights at Bang Bang, a San Diego restaurant, where a ladies bathroom stall is wallpapered with the heartthrob's face.

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Gosling's blue eyes stare at you from all directions -- so you better not forget to leave the seat clean for the next lady in line.  

This is Internet meme meets social media in the hunkiest sense. That's exactly what Bang Bang's managing partner was going for: "Instagrammable" bathroom breaks.

"Basically, anything we do from this project on we want to have elements that are social media friendly. I call them Instagrammable. I think, if a girl won’t Instagram it, I don’t want to do it," Farley Lucas told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Gosling stall isn't the only star you can do your business in front of. There's also a Hello Kitty one, as well as a fortune cookie-themed stall. Voiding your bladder has never been as attractive.

And hey girl, if you want to see Gosling read some of the memes racing around the Web, you're in luck: 

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