Ryan Gosling Eats His Cereal, Finally Bringing The Viral Vine He Inspired To Life

Ryan McHenry created one of Vine's most enduring viral videos, and Ryan Gosling paid tribute to the late 27-year-old.

Ryan Gosling finally joined Vine this week, all to pay a heartwarming tribute to Ryan McHenry, the creator of the popular “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme.

McHenry first rose to Internet fame in May 2013 for documenting Gosling’s unwavering refusal to eat his breakfast in a short video by editing clips from his movies.

That same year, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. After a two-year battle with the malignant tumor, the 27-year-old died on Sunday.

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A few years ago, McHenry told The Verge that the purpose of his meme was to get Gosling’s attention.

“As a filmmaker, I like to have a conclusion to things,” he stated. “The only conclusion I can see out of this whole thing is to have Ryan Gosling respond to this. Even if it’s just him eating cereal.”

Following McHenry’s death, a Reddit user asked the Internet to get Gosling to eat a bowl of cereal in his honor – which he did eventually.

Other Vine users are also eating cereal to pay tribute to McHenry:

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