Sailors' Dog Falls Off Boat And Survives In The Wild For 4 Months

Sophie the cattle-dog's survival instincts kicked in when she was separated from her owners at sea.

In November 2008, Jane and Dave Griffith went sailing with their dog Sophie off the Queensland, Australia coast. After enduring a rough patch of water, the owners turned around and Sophie was no where in sight.

“We were able to back track to look for her, but because it was a grey day, we just couldn’t find her and we searched for well over an hour… We thought that once she had hit the water she would have been gone because the wake from the boat was so big.”

But the Griffiths underestimated their dog’s survival instincts. Sophie managed to swim five miles through the rough, shark-infested waters to St. Bees Island.

She survived there for four months, hunting baby goats and drinking rainwater. Finally, Sophie was captured by rangers patrolling the island.

The Griffiths heard about rangers finding a cattle-dog on the island and contacted them.  Sophie had behaved vicious and wild upon capture, but once Sophie reunited with her family, she grew re-accustomed to domestic life. 

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