Samsung Helps This Dad Experience His Son's Birth From 4,000 Km Away

Amna Shoaib
This is the first time a birth has been streamed in virtual reality.

A full 4,000 km couldn't keep an Australian father from witnessing the birth of his third child, son Steele Larke, on Feb. 20.

When Jason Larke, a "fly in, fly out" electrical contractor, received yet another work contract that required him to be in Queensland on Feb. 20, he was faced with a tough choice. He could either turn down the job and be at the side of his heavily pregnant wife Alison in Perth, or earn a living 4,000 km away in Queensland and miss out on the birth of his son.

And this is where Samsung steps in. Samsung gave this father the opportunity to do both: work for his family and experience this life-defining moment. With Samsung Gear VR (complete with a headset), Larke saw, with teary eyes, the moment his son was born. Samsung captured this pivotal moment in a profound video.