Samsung Just Released A Rap Video And It’s Weird, To Say The Least

Seriously Samsung? Samsung is increasingly becoming (in)famous for coming up with awkward presentations – case in point:

Last year's Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event which went from Broadway glitz to a sexist mess.

Many thought the tech giant – or any corporation, for that matter – wasn’t capable of topping that level of awkwardness, but they were all wrong.

Samsung just unveiled its 2014 Sustainability Report in the form of a rap video. It's not a spoof and it’s awkward, to say the least.

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The company hired Korean rapper Mad Clown to explain how 40 percent of its more than 286,000 employees are women, and how it's very family-friendly and diverse.

Following is an excerpt from the bizarre lyrics of the song:

"Samsung with 280,000 humans. Forty percent – 112,000 women," the company says in the video. (Actually it had 286,284 total employees as of last year, but that's harder to rhyme). "You don't have to worry after giving birth. Sit back, relax, no need to work."

Yes, it’s as odd as it sounds.

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