Forget #GrannyHair, This Is The New Hair Trend You Should Be Following

"Sand art hair" is the perfect look for you this summer.

A few months ago, silver or gray hair was the in thing to do but this summer a new trend has hit the Millennial generation.

It’s called “sand art hair.”

The inspiration of course comes from sand art – one of the most favorite activities for birthday parties and special occasions.

sand art hair

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And while rainbow-dyed or bright colored locks may not be a new fad – celebrities like Kesha and Kylie Jenner have been experimenting with it for years now – the bold look just recently took the Internet by storm after a hair care line, Pravana, released a new dye product called Vivids Locked-In which “gives your hair long-lasting, intensely saturated colors that won't stain or transfer onto lighter strands when you're eventually ready to move on from the look,” according to Teen Vogue.





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Repost from @pravana of amazing hair magic done on me by @vividartistichairdesign ??????

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And here’s how you do it:

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