Will This Video Finally Convince Saudis To Take Road Safety Seriously?

The viral video shows an unidentified man shoving a deadly snake down the collar of his friend’s shirt while he drives a car on a busy highway.

A shocking — and slightly disturbing video has sparked a long-awaited debate on road safety and traffic violations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The now-viral footage, first uploaded on YouTube, shows a Saudi man driving on what seems to be a busy highway when a friend sitting behind him places an alive and moving snake down the collar of his shirt.

The friend then continues to dangle the deadly reptile under the driver’s clothes while the other man laughs and throws his head back in a totally bizarre reaction to the situation. The snake can be seen wriggling over the man’s chest for a few moments before the friend pulls it out by the tail.

In a country where car accidents claim at least 17 lives every day, this video has reportedly caused an outrage. People have not only slammed the actions of these two men that could have led to a dangerous accident, they have also demanded the authorities to identify these men and punish them for violating road safety regulations.

The video was first published by Arabic daily Ajel, which did not mention where the film was shot. However, they said the yet unnamed man was a local driving through the country.

The gulf kingdom has an appalling road safety record, as statistics indicate that a car accident happens every second of every day. Around 25 percent of the accident-related deaths happened in the region of Makkah in the western part of the country. However, the capital city of Riyadh leads in the number of accidents with 28 percent of the country’s traffic crashes.

It is unclear if authorities have taken any action to identify and arrest these men, but the ongoing debate on traffic violations in Saudi Arabia might help control the unruly and reckless drivers to some extent.

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