Police Officer Gives a Sick Girl The Surprise Of a Lifetime

You wouldn’t believe what this cop did after pulling over a 17-year-old’s vehicle.

When the 17-year-old Audra Daniloff was pulled over by a police officer in Saukville, Wisconsin last month, she knew she was in trouble. After scanning her driver’s license, the cop approached her vehicle and delivered just the news she feared.

“I got some good news and some bad news for you, okay?” said the officer.

The bewildered look on Daniloff’s face said it all. She was now sure that she has broken some law, but wasn’t sure, which one. This is when the officer pulled the trigger of surprise.

“The bad news, first I am giving you two tickets,” he continued. “But they are not the type of tickets you think. One is a plane ticket to New York. The other is a concert ticket for your favorite band.”

The whole thing was actually masterminded by her father Marc Daniloff who wanted to send his daughter to the concert of her favorite band in NYC after a year of health struggles. So, instead of just handing her the tickets, he teamed up with the local police department to surprise her.

“I completely blind sided her thanks to the wonderful help of the Saukville Police Department,” said Mr. Daniloff.

The younger Daniloff has had a torrid year and her father felt she truly deserved a break. A year ago, she was diagnosed with a rare illness called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis and was given just a 20 percent chance of survival. Fortunately, she was able to make it, but her treatment is still ongoing. To get her mind off of her health, Marc collaborated with the local police department chief, who happily obliged to his request.

“I thought it was a great idea. He had given me a little back story on what his daughter had been through and thought that this concert would make her day if she got to go to New York — and we were happy to be a part of that,” said Saukville Police Chief Jeffrey Goetz.

Check out the video above to know Audra Daniloff’s reaction upon being told that the driving tickets she was anticipating are something else.

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