Saxophones Lure Cows, Apparently (VIDEO)

As a saxophonist demostrated, the sounds of a sax apparently bring the cows home. And they dig.

Cows are not really strange creatures, but we apply such weird things to them.  Tipping them, associating them with psychedelic imagery and sound (especially when it comes to mooing), using them as the basis of some key plot point to a Broadway Musical or two.  Equally not strange, especially now that it is accepted in modern classical music, is the saxophone.  It's distinct brass shape and sound, however, make for strange imagery, and terrible terrible randomly placed solos that serve no purpose other than to make things sound more late 80s than they need to be.  But some would say the two mix well like cookies and cream.  A saxophonist demonstrated this by playing his music near a pasture, with the cows coming at him like he was a clean patch of grass.

The saxophonist was a member of the Blow Trio, a trio of saxophonists.  They were apparently taking a break from a music festival, when one of the players, wielding a tenor saxophone (which you can tell by the hook-like shape of the neck).  While jamming for a little bit, all of a sudden a bunch of cows appeared and approached him fast, then somewhat cautiously.  These cows seemed to dig whatever was happening to their ears, and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

As per why the cows would suddenly appear at the sound of a saxophone, it is hard to say.  Perhaps it has something to do with the noise a saxophone makes, particularly a tenor or baritone saxophone, whose pitch is similar to that of a standard moo.  It could also be something related to the way a saxophone's vibrations possibly matches with the cow's internal vibrations.  Who knows?  On the plus side, if it can be proven that these cows are attracted to the sound of a saxophone, it might prove useful in managing them on a farm.  Just as long as it is not Colin Stetson, or John Zorn playing the saxophone.

(Image Source:  Flickr: I-Man--10N)

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