This Doctor Tries To OD On Homeopathic Meds To Prove A Point

For Science Babe, some demonstrations, no matter how insane, are worthy in the name of science.

Homeopathy is often criticized for being a form of "pseudoscience." Despite its skeptics, users of homeopathy remain loyal with claims that it cures their ailments -- to which most critics respond that the placebo effect is simply in place.

The debate surrounding homeopathy sort of goes on and on until you see this video.

“Science Babe,” or in a more formal manner Dr. Yvette Berebichez, is a chemist who is determined to spread awareness about science with her special dash of (sometimes dirty) humor.

Watch her take on what some homeopathy believers would call a pretty wild experiment. Science Babe chugs down a whole bottle of pills – or more specifically, homeopathy’s version of sleeping pills – all in the name of science. Then the magic begins. 


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