Scientists Share Pictures Of Adorable Animals In Epic #CuteOff

Forget animal selfies. Scientists are having a wonderful #CuteOff on Twitter to find the most adorable being on the face of the Earth.

Scientists on Twitter seem to be on a roll.

Just recently, these intrepid researchers shared their most challenging, embarrassing and hilarious fieldwork experiences – from accidentally eating cheetah poop to gluing themselves to a crocodile – with the rest of the world.

Now, in a Twitter trend way more epic than the fieldwork fails, these hard working scientists are posting all sorts of delightful animal pictures for a weirdly wondrous all-out #CuteOff – a quest to find the most adorable animal on planet Earth, apparently.

Prepared to get dazzled by some of the cutest animal pictures shared on social media:

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The epic competition apparently began when scientists Anne Hilborn and Marcella J. Kelly initiated a debate over bat-eared foxes and baby bears.

Soon enough, biologists, zookeepers and folks from every walk of life joined in the viral trend and flooded the social networking site with incredibly adorable images.

Last but not least:

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