See A Homeless Woman Moved To Tears After Being Bought A Hot Meal

When Carmen Mendez saw a homeless woman asking for leftovers in a fast food restaurant, she decided to do something selfless and wonderful.

I debated posting this picture but considering that today many of us are gonna be thankful for what we have and are...

Posted by Carmen Mendez on  Thursday, November 26, 2015

Carmen Mendez took to Facebook to write about an unforgettable moment she experienced, which has since garnered over 250,000 likes.

She went to go eat at a fast-food restaurant, Raising Cane’s, when she noticed a homeless woman asking other diners for leftovers. Everyone turned away or ignored her, which Mendez said “broke her heart;” as a volunteer for the homeless, she sympathized with the woman, and told her boyfriend that if the woman was still there at the end of their meal, she would give her food.

Their meal ended and she saw the woman, who asked for her leftover chicken strip—unable to stomach giving something so meager, Mendez went and ordered a full, hot meal for the woman, asking the employees to please let her sit and finish the food inside.

Other diners may have continued to look on in disgust, but the woman was exceedingly grateful, breaking down into tears and hugging Mendez, who said “I have never felt something like this. Pure, real gratitude.” Her boyfriend captured the moment, which Mendez was unaware of until he later showed her.

Mendez used to the post to encourage empathy and kindness toward the homeless, telling us, “Next time you judge a homeless person, think twice.”

Banner Image Credit: Facebook, Carmen Mendez

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