See The Remarkable Moment A Man Plays Saxophone During Brain Surgery

Musician Carlos Aguilera played smooth jazz on his alto saxophone while he was kept awake during a 12-hour brain operation to remove a tumor.

Spanish musician Carlos Aguilera, 27, remarkably serenaded a team of 16 doctors with the jazz classic “Misty” with his saxophone as he underwent a 12-hour brain surgery.

Aguilera went into surgery to remove a brain tumor, he was sedated and given painkillers but he was wide awake.

Near the final stages of the surgery, he played his alto sax as doctors made sure the surgery wasn’t affecting other brain functions related to speech, hearing and movement, according to Telegraph. 

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“We operated on Carlos like this because he's a professional musician and his working life depends on this activity,” Neurosurgeon Guillermo Ibanez reportedly said. 

Aguilera was onboard with the unconventional procedure without hesitation. 

"Now I have my whole life in front of me," he reportedly said. "I have been born again. Music has accompanied me for more than half my life so when the doctors said we could do this I didn't think twice."

A similar operation occurred earlier this year when Anthony Kulkamp Dias also underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his brain and played the guitar to keep himself awake and entertained as surgeons operated. His tune of choice was an acoustic rendition of "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

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