Seeing This Dog Apologize To His Young Friend Will Steal Your Heart

This dog has a lesson to teach to all the humans around: It is never too late to say sorry to friends and the sky's the limit.

Dogs are man’s best friend and yeah, we all believe it’s true. But really sometimes when you see them with little humans (read: babies) you realize they are much more than just animals that fetch and show their loyalty by sticking around.

The video is of an adorable beagle called Charlie who steals baby Laura’s toy. Her dismay and sadness makes Charlie the dog guilty. Not knowing what to do and eager to make the baby’s blues go away, he does what he thinks will help: He runs around the house collecting toys and showering little Laura with them.

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His keen attempts are adorable and the baby’s bewildered reaction even more so. There’s no knowing how glad it made the baby, but she was at least stunned in to silence by all the attention and the sudden toy bounty.

Laura may be buried under stuffed toys and bewildered out of her wits, but she does not panic because we are sure she sort of knew what Charlie was up to and sort of enjoyed all the attention.

You can’t help falling in love with both the darlings in the video.


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