Is This Selfie Stick Fight Between Two Tourists For Real?

Yet another reason not to use those stupid selfie sticks.

A lot of museums, art galleries and theme parks – most recently Disneyland – have banned what is perhaps the world’s most annoying invention yet: the selfie stick.

The fact that people look ridiculous using them is only one reason. Most businesses say these monopods are a growing safety concern for art and historical artifacts as well as the visitors coming in to view them.

Moreover, no one likes a rod of steel being poked into their faces, do they now?

Take this incident, for instance. A British man visiting the Sydney Harbor recorded a fight between two other tourists – an American and Japanese man – with selfie sticks on a boat.

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The fight is hilarious, though a lot of viewers on YouTube think it could be a staged act. Terry Tufferson, the man who filmed the entire thing, has a couple of more videos on his channel that add to this suspicion. For example, this tornado threat looks less than convincing:

So does his face off with a great white shark:

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