13 Random Thoughts About Selfies That Will Rip A Hole In Your Brain

You’ll never look at your selfies the same way again.

It's not a selfie if more than one person is involved

pool selfie

If a self-portrait is called a selfie, then a photo of a group should be called… something else. But surely not selfie.

Selfies are this generation's autographs


Clicking a button/icon is much less time consuming and convenient for celebrities than signing stuff. Plus, you have definitive proof you actually met the person.

Your arms are built-in selfie sticks

arms selfies

Thought-provoking, isn’t it? But you can also use a fake human arm selfie stick. Yup, we live in a strange, strange world.

Peter Parker is the master of selfies since the '60s

spider man selfie

Who do you think was taking all those pictures of Spiderman?

Mirror selfies are free advertisements for cell phones

Oscar 2014 selfie

Remember that star-studded Oscar 2014 selfie? It did wonders for Samsung.

Due to the popularity of selfies, the mirror is probably the most photographed object in the world.

mirror selfie

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the most photographed of them all?

In 50 years, will we see selfies used in history textbooks instead of portraits?

Obama Selfie

President Barack Obama’s selfie with David Cameron at Nelson Mandela’s funeral will be printed in gold.

Smartphones probably refer to their screenshots as 'selfies'

screenshots selfies

This means Siri can take selfies too. Cool.

All photos of earth from space are selfies

space are selfies

Does this mean NASA has the largest repository of selfies?

Vampires can't take mirror selfies

mirror selfies

Edward Cullen, we’re looking at you. Or maybe we just can’t.

The cellphones in selfies that were taken in a mirror will always be straight up and down

bathroom selfie

However, Reddit user DopaminergicNeuron suggests, “Only if the camera's sensor is aligned perfectly with the outer edges of the phone.”

Now that we have selfies, no one after 200 years will have to wonder what the 21st century bathrooms looked like


No need for excavations. The Internet has a treasury of bathroom selfies.

What if every official photo (on passports, etc.) is replaced with selfies in the future?

passports selfie

Imagine the pain of sifting through submissions to select the one that would be most appropriate for official purposes.

H/T: /r/ShowerThoughts.

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