Your Selfie Obsession Can Kill You

Love taking selfies? Read this. However, risking your life to take a picture of your face is something else entirely.


Taking selfies at funerals, on top of skyscrapers or while running in front of mad bulls is crazy, no doubt about that.

As people are increasingly getting accustomed to sharing too much on social media, the race to get the world’s most dangerous or perfect self-portrait is also getting more competitive by the day.

It is nothing short of an obsession for many.

"Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with body dysmorphic disorder since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take selfies,” according to renowned psychiatrist Dr. David Veal. He added that such patients may need cognitive behavioral therapy in order to learn how to moderate their compulsive behavior.

While many odd incidents have been reported involving selfies, some of them are rather tragic – resulting in loss of precious life.

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Man electrocuted in Andalusia:

A 21-year-old Spanish man was electrocuted in Andujar, Andalusia, after climbing onto the roof of a train to take a selfie.

“As he went to snap the photo with his mobile phone, the victim accidentally touched a high-voltage wire. The electric shock threw reportedly threw him from the train,” Mirror reported.

Teenager plunged 60 feet to death onto rocks in Italy:


An Italian teenager Isabella Fracchiolla died after plunging 60 feet onto jagged rocks as she tried to take a selfie. 

The 16-year-old was trying to take a photograph of herself on the seafront during a school trip to the town of Taranto in southern Italy.

“The schoolgirl who suffered injuries to her femur, pelvis and head was rushed to hospital where she underwent a major operation (and) where doctors failed to save her life,” Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorna stated.

15-year-old boy accidentally shot self in Mexico:

In Mexico City, Oscar Aguilar was taking selfies waving a loaded gun around when it went off, fatally injuring him. Aguilar died on the way to the hospital.

Fond of taking and sharing photos with bling, women and flashy bikes to impress his followers, Aguilar unfortunately became a victim of his obsession.

“I heard a gunshot, and then I heard somebody screaming and realized somebody had been hurt. I called the police straight away and when they arrived they found that he was still alive,” his neighbor told press reporters.

Couple dies after falling off cliff in Portugal:


A Polish couple visiting Cabo da Roca in western Portugal died after falling from the edge of a cliff while taking a family photo.

USA Today reported the couple fell hundreds of feet to their death, their children watching nearby.

The parents may have crossed a safety barrier in order to reach the cliff edge, the Daily Mail stated.

Driver died after taking selfie behind the wheel before crashing into a truck:

A driver in North Carolina died after she posted a selfie on Facebook.

Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, was taking photos before she crashed her car head-on into a truck. During investigation, the police found she had been posting selfies as she drove.

Russian teenager dies after falling off a railway bridge:

17-year-old Xenia Ignatyeva died after falling as she tried to take a selfie on top of a railway bridge.

She reportedly went to the bridge in Krasnogvardeysky to take a photograph of herself at night with the railway line in the background to give "the most dramatic effect."

But she fell and was electrocuted as she tried to grab some live cables.

'Selfie addict' attempted suicide in Britain:


A British teenager Danny Bowman became so obsessed with capturing the perfect shot that he spent 10 hours a day taking up to 200 selfies.

The 19-year-old lost nearly 30 pounds, dropped out of school and did not leave the house for six months in his quest to get the right picture. He would take 10 pictures immediately after waking up.

Although he is still alive, his unusual case generated headlines all over the world. He has also been dubbed Britain's first selfie addict.

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