Want A Selfie With Rand Paul? There’s An App For That

Rand Paul is too busy with his presidential campaign, but he doesn’t want you to miss on a chance of taking selfies with him. So here’s an app for that.

Presidential candidate Rand Paul

Presidential candidate Rand Paul can’t be everywhere, but he wants his followers to get as many selfies as they like with him.

On Wednesday, Paul released an app that allows tech savvy supporters to take selfies with him, thus promoting his presidential campaign in a unique manner.

This however, is not the first time the politician has used technology and social media to reach out to his audience. Earlier this summer, in attempts to promote his flat tax plan, Paul released a video of himself destroying a 70,000 page tax code, using a variety of methods, ranging from flames to a chain saw, and even a wood chipper.

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The new app lets you take pictures with absolutely anything that gets into the frame and users seem to have a great time flooding social media with their innovative selfies.

Check them out:

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