Senior Citizens Become Street Taggers

Senior citizens in Lisbon are learning the art of graffiti.

street art

A group of young graffiti artists in Lisbon, Portugal has directed their efforts toward senior citizens by offering them lessons on creating their own tags. Called LATA 65, the group of about 100 seniors is decorating the streets of Lisbon in a beautiful show of generation-to-generation bonding.

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According to Web Urbanist, the group is “learning not just how to create art but also about the history of the form, providing them not just with tools and techniques but cultural context for their studies as well.”

This is a great renunciation of the idea of graffiti as an activity that is solely for young punks who want to write crap all over walls. Not only does this bridge a generation gap, it claims the idea of street art as a practice with deep cultural significance and great intentions. The group chooses to work in areas that are run-down, and in need of a spruce, adding the element of community beautification to the program. Well done, Lisbon graffiti artists.

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