Sensitivity Fail: Paula Deen Posted A Photo Of Her Son In Brownface

Another day, another racist gaffe by Paula Deen. She can fire as many "incompetent" social media managers as she'd like, but if she doesn't take a look at her own racism, it's no use.

Paulaaaa! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do.

paula deen racist

We all know Paula Deen’s history of racial insensitivity. In 2013, her use of racial slurs and her admission, during a deposition for a lawsuit, that she had used the N-word, incited media vitriol and a decision by The Food Network to drop her.

 But it seems such punishment has still not inspired greater sense in the famed celebrity chef.

paula deen racism

It’s one thing when others unearth the evidence of your past foibles, but to do it yourself?

Deen recently tweeted a four-year old picture of her and her son, Bobby Deen, dressed respectively as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s characters from the beloved 1950s sitcom, I Love Lucy.

Paula Deen brownface

The still is from an old Halloween episode of Deen’s now defunct cooking show, and we’re not quite sure what possessed her to repost it now.

Granted, there’s no good time for thoughtless racism.

So what’s the issue with some good old costume fun? Bobby Deen is in brownface in an attempt to emulate Arnaz’s Latino heritage.

Twitter has been, as Twitter is wont to be in the face of bafflingly dumb bigotry, up in arms:

The tweet has been taken down, and Deen blames her (no doubt long-suffering) social media manager for the gaffe. But did your social media manager force Bobby to don brownface, Paula? Did he?

Too late. Deen's sacked him.

Deen better do some long, hard introspection about her deeply embedded racism if she wants that career comeback she’s been vying for. 

And the rest of us need to remember: a well-constructed costume is enough of an homage. No need to alter your skin tone. By which we mean please don't.

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