Severely Autistic Man Has The Voice Of Angels

He may never have talked to anyone or uttered a single coherent sentence, but Martin Finn sings like an angel.

The video from 2010 shows Martin Finn singing James Blunt’s "You’re Beautiful" with perfection. It's hard to believe, but Finn is so severely autistic that he can hardly hold a conversation and his parents even have to wash and feed him.

 “He can do nothing himself and will always be a toddler trapped in man's body. But music is his life and it has given him life,” says Finn’s father.

Finn has a musical talent that not many can rival. When he sings, he overcomes his disability and it’s the most beautiful thing. His elderly parents' fervent hope is for someone to recognize Finn’s talents and give him a chance in the music industry. Watching Finn come out of his shell and sing like an angel will make you leap with joy.

Check out the video above.

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