'Sexy' Denim Diapers Ad Sparks Controversy

A new campaign for disposable diapers in Israel sparked controversy last week as it featured toddlers in sexy poses.

The spot promotes Huggies’ new range of nappies made out of jeans which, according to the company, help your baby “stay trendy while keeping dry.”

In the 20-second video, toddlers are shown posing as models. A baby girl stands with her legs apart and finger in her mouth in one shot while she is fixes a boy’s bow tie in another.

While the ad may not seem “sexy” to many, parents in Israel deem it inappropriate for a diaper commercial.

A father, according to news website Vocativ, compared the Huggies billboards to the ones featuring controversial Israeli model Bar Rafaeli.

“Look how the diaper model is standing in the same position, with the same tempting look,” he was quoted as saying.

Others posted their comments on Huggies’ Facebook page.


“Your campaign shows babies in sexual, adult and provocative poses. …It’s disgusting and pedophile,” wrote another user Maya Naveh.

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While the new Huggies ad for Israelis seems to be a big deal, inappropriate content featuring toddlers or kids is nothing new as far as the international media is concerned.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was accused of "sexualizing children" last year over her range of bikinis for girls aged 4. American reality television show “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC received negative reaction when a mother on the show padded her daughter's chest to resemble Dolly Parton's. Another was criticized for asking her daughter to smoke fake cigarettes on stage.

Also, Vogue Paris in 2010 came under fire for featuring girls as young as 6 years old posing in hyper-sexualized ways, clad in high heels, wearing tight dresses and bright red lipstick.


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