This Super-Monk Can Take A Drill To The Head Without Even Damaging His Skin

“The man of steel and stone” can hold a running drill against his temple for full 10 seconds.

Shaolin monk uses electric drill

Taking a power drill to your head might sound like an insane torture method but this unbelievable stunt has turned a young Shaolin monk into a local celebrity in southwest China.

After several years of martial arts, 24-year-old Zhao Rui has trained his body to withstand any sharp object. Even a running drill can barely scratch his skin – let alone pierce his skull – for the duration of 10 extremely long seconds, only leaving him with a minor red mark.

Known as “the man of steel and stone,” the Kung-fu master claims he has received his fair share of injuries while practicing his seemingly super-human stunts. He once damaged the side of his head while practicing his infamous stunt when the drill accidentally pierced his skin.

“It was pretty painful but I got better and I learned from the experience and now I can practice pretty often without any problems,” Zhao Rui said. “I believe in making my body super tough. Believe it or not, I used to be quite nervous as a youngster but now that I can break stones with my head I have found it has given me lots of self-confidence,”

Shaolin Kung-Fu master uses electric drill

Along with taking a running electric drill to the side of his head, Zhao can also bent an iron bar with his throat and lay on metal spears while breaking stones with his head.

In the past, another Shaolin monk Hu Qiong – known as “Iron Man” – also made international headlines for performing a similar stunt.

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