Shark Photobombs Surfers - Check Out This Shocking Shot!

An amateur photographer captured the image with her smartphone.

Woo hoo! A human buffet! 

We imagine that's what Mr. Shark was thinking when he jumped for joy during a surfing competition off an Australian beach.  Thankfully, the shark moved along after his trick move and no one was munched. 

Amateur photographer Steph Bellamy caught the image with her smartphone on Sunday while taking pictures of moms and kids paddling on their surfboards.

Bellamy said she didn't know that the splash in her viewfinder was a shark until she looked at her phone moments later.  The shark was identified as a spinner shark, named for the spinning leaps it makes as a part of its feeding strategy.  

Bellamy quickly showed the image to organizers and the surfers were called out of the water. About 15 minutes later, most returned and the completion continued, she said.

Nobody was rattled. Everybody was really cool and blown away that I got the shot,” Bellamy said.


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