Shia LaBeouf Out-Shia'd Himself With This, Um, "Motivational" Talk

Amna Shoaib
Brace yourselves. Shia LaBeouf is here to jolt you lazy, good-for-nothing morons into action.

Shia LaBeouf insists that we "do it." Shia is adamant that we "do it!" Shia’s veins are pumping battery acid and his body is over-producing lactic acid and he really, really wants us to "DO IT!!"

That is all you will be able to make of this short, hilarious, TED-style video starring the "no-longer-famous" LaBeouf, who has all these ridiculous hand-arm movements to demonstrate how to really get hold of life by its neck and "JUST DO IT." Shia prances, Shia stares right into your soul and Shia is at his most intense.

Shia recorded a 30-second introduction for students of an art school as part of their project. The Internet was so completely mesmerized by a Shia in a black shirt standing in front of a green screen that when Michael Neff took this excerpt from the half-hour-long project and made it into a TED motivational talk, the Internet readily and greedily pounced on it.