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Shocking Video of Man Being Shot to Death Twelve Times

Imagine the horror of a mother who has to see her son shot death in cold blood. That is what Emma Francis went through when she had to watch a video of her son’s murder in court frame by frame!

40-year-old Tracy Francis was shot to death in the hallway of his apartment building in New York last October. His murder was caught on the building’s surveillance camera and was used in court as evidence.

The shocking video shows Tracy being gunned down by a neighbor who riddled his body with 12 bullets by a neighbor by a 9mm pistol.

A horrified and heartbroken Mrs. Emma Francis had to watch a frame by frame footage played in the court as twitched, raised his right hand, and then died from what the medical examiner said was the first gun shot. There was no need for the 11 others shot at him.

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