Silverback gives friend the middle finger

A hilarious video of a gorilla appearing to give another gorilla the middle finger.

Gorillas are considered to be highly intelligent animals. And, they are very eager to learn everything from us humans be it good or bad. And that’s exactly the case with these Gorillas, they did learn something from humans, but rather bad.

In the footage that was shot at a wildlife park, you can see that the gorilla’s fellow friend, A blackback gorilla annoys a silverback by throwing a toy at it who’s constantly protecting itself by lifting a hand to its face and thus, the reaction, when the gorilla casually showed his middle finger to his irritating companion. But his companion friend doesn’t stop. He keeps hitting him over and over again.

The video maker and people surrounded by him can be heard laughing in shock at the cheeky gesture being made by the Gorilla.

The video was shot by News Flare at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, US.

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