‘Siri And Me Compilation’ Video Is Super Hilarious

Those who have iPhones must be aware of the fact that Siri can get really funny sometimes and at times it knows exactly how to turn you off.

‘Siri and Me compilation’ video by Ridd Sorensen captures all those moments when Siri has successfully almost annoyed Ridd and you can very well relate to him too.

Here are a few responses by Redditors generated on the video:


"Siri, call John Hollingsworth"

"I'm sorry, I can't handle any requests right now, try again later."


"Siri, search the App Store for Google Voice Search."



"Zero Dark Nerdy". Classic.


"Obviously Hell must be freezing over" was the best part. Very funny, sir.


Switch Siri's voice with a Glados voice and I'm sold.

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