This Stunning "Sky Ladder" Fireworks Display Will Leave You Awestruck

Chinese Artist Cai Guoqiang created the fiery masterpiece to pay tribute to his grandmother, who just celebrated her 100th birthday.

An epic fireworks display from earlier this summer is going viral all around the world.

The video that has entranced the entire Internet shows an impossibly tall ladder of explosions climbing insanely high into the sky – and contrary to what some might think, it’s not Photoshopped or a hoax.

The mesmerizing pyrotechnic artwork was created by Chinese-born, New York-based artist Cai Guoqiang, who carried out the brilliant display using a 500-meter long wire ladder filled with gun powder that’s attached to a hot-air balloon.

The spectacular firework display that lit up the night sky in China’s Quanzhou City lasted only 80 seconds, but remained in the making for 21 years.

Apparently, Guoqiang’s first attempt at "Sky Ladder" came in 1994, when he launched a similar balloon into the sky. However, his project was unsuccessful. He tried to launch it once again when Shanghai hosted the APEC summit in 2001, though his plans fell through after the events of Sept. 11 restricted access to the skies, according to Yahoo News.

Check out the video posted above to see the fiery stairway to heaven for yourself.

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