Little Dog Settles Argument Between Two Other Dogs Like A Boss!

Humans, watch and learn. This is how you settle an argument.

Meet the underdog – really, quite literally. Now here’s a leader. You have to see this video to learn some serious leadership and conflict management skills. And of course, the most valuable lesson: Your size does NOT define who you are or what you can achieve.

The video shows two dogs in a fight and just when fur is about to fly, this cutest little Bichon Frisé enters the scene and breaks up the fight like a pro.

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The fight probably wasn’t going to get too ugly, as according to the ASPCA, dogfights may look and sound frightening, but most of them end with no damage to either party.

However, it is really fascinating to see the little boss in action. The intervention is not only timely but impressive.

This has a lesson for us, actually. The little dog barges in with authority and gives the others an earful and doesn’t stop and isn’t intimidated. No way. He’s there to cut them to size and tell them to behave, and before you know it the two rowdy rustlers break up and back down. But the little guy isn’t done yet. No sir, he has a thing or two to say on manners yet.

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