SNL Knows Exactly How Hillary Clinton's Presidential Candidacy Announcement Will Go Down

Amna Shoaib
SNL exposes the Clintons' plans of establishing a political dynasty in the US of A.

SNL's Hillary Clinton skit - Baltimore Sun

SNL was perhaps at its snarkiest as it dissected Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president. The secretary of state, played by Kate McCinnon, was visibly nervous as she recorded a message for her fans and followers on social media. (It's OK, Hillary. We have all been there *traumatic flashback to the disastrous student council elections in high school*).

Hillary definitely shows herself to be the "relatable woman on the couch" she believes she is, with her graceful body language *frantic clawing at the audience* and easy demeanor. The candidate, known for her um, laid-back persona, tells Americans gently, "Citizens, you will elect me. I will be your leader."

Hillary Clinton Election Video Cold Open - SNL

And then of course, there was the inevitable reference to the email controversy. When Clinton is flustered by her failed attempts to record a proper video message, her secretary suggests, “Don’t worry, we’ll just delete that one off your phone."

To which Clinton replies, laughing, “I know a thing or two about that, right?”

Bill Clinton, played by Darrel Hammond, also showed up to announce the establishment of a happy, political dynasty in America. Although Bill claimed that he will be Hillary's vice president, she later clarifies that she plans to be her own vice president.


"Buckle up, America; the Clintons are back!" Hillary exclaims.

It is widely speculated that Hillary will formally announce her candidacy for president tonight.