Obama's Immigration Move Ruins Classic "Schoolhouse Rock" Song: VIDEO

SNL's hilarious retelling of "I'm Just a Bill" shows Obama duking it out with a congressional bill.

American kids grew up understanding how a bill becomes a law thanks to a little ditty by Schoolhouse Rock called "I'm Just a Bill."

The long-suffering bill sings about the arduous process to become a law and how many obstacles stand in the way.

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Well, the bill's counterpart "executive order" doesn't have those problems.

Saturday Night Live put a musical twist on President Obama's executive action this week to address immigration reform. After Obama shoves the bill down the Capitol Steps, out comes the executive order, who says "I pretty much just happen ... and that's it."

"Wait a second – don't you have to go through Congress at some point?" an innocent boy learning about the legislative process asks.

Executive order: "Aw, that's adorable. You still think that's how government works!"

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For a little nostalgia:

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