SNL Destroys Scientology In Its Newest Skit

SNL's hilarious, gritty take on Scientology is probably the best jab at the religion we've seen in a long while.

With HBO'S Going Clear lifting the fog from Scientology to reveal its creepy face, Saturday Night Live couldn't not jump in with its own hilariously accurate version of the religion. Presenting to you,  SNL'S Neurotology, which bears spooky resemblance to Hubbard's hocus pocus cult.

The grainy video, set in the '90s, takes us to the early enthusiastic days of Scientology. The skit features feathered hair, glazed eyes and squeaky voices singing praise of the religion with poetic gems like:

"Religion and science intertwined
Aliens live inside our minds"

And the song only gets more real from there with a "Where are they now?" styled captions running throughout the length of the video. Half the members have gone missing, one of them is in the "hole," while another has been tasked with blackmailing gay actors (ring any bells?)

The funniest thing about this skit is how true it is to its real-life counterpart. And perhaps this is what makes it so terrifying.

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