Jay Z and Solange Say I Love You, SNL

Of course SNL wasn’t going to let go of Jay Z getting his butt kicked by his very own sister-in-law.

Saturday Night Live‘s 39th season finale began by taking a jab at the talk of the town: the shocking footage of Solange attacking Jay Z.

SNL places Jay Z and Solange next to one another much to the concern of a bodyguard who is perpetually trying to make sure all hell doesn’t break loose once again.

Ex-SNL cast member Maya Rudolph made a cameo as Beyoncé, entering the scene after the Jay Z and Solange made their peace. Maya really stole the show when she summarized her family’s statement on the drama with a popular Beyonce lyric from her latest hit Drunk in Love: “Surfboard”.

To be honest, the sketch was a little, well.. sketchy. SNL didn’t milk this cow to it's full potential.

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