Snoop Dogg And John Kerry Trade Fist Bumps At The White House VIDEO


This would probably qualify to be one of the strangest videos of 2013. Why? Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion just exchanged a fist bump with John Kerry that’s why.

The rapper, earlier this month was at the White House to attend and perform at the 36th annual Kennedy Center Honors which was celebrating opera singer Martina Arroyo, pianist and singer Billy Joel, keyboardist and composer Herbie Hancock, actress Shirley MacLaine and songwriter Carlos Santana this year. After his tribute to Hancock, Snoop Dogg had a little chat with the United States Secretary of State and his wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

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Though it’s not clear in the Instagram video what is exactly being said – because of all the noise in the background– it seems Kerry is discussing music with the hip hop artist with reference to Hancock.

He invented your whole thing,” Kerry told Snoop Dogg who agreed with him saying, “He invented hip hop.”

The two men then gave each other a fist bump after which Kerry appears to be exclaiming, “Ooh! He gave me the pound!

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