So Cute! Extremely Rare Twin Elephant Babies Were Just Born

Twin elephants are only born .5 percent of the time and have a high mortality rate.

Squeee - elephant babies! 

A news release from the Pongola Game Reserve in South Africa announced the birth of twin African elephants. Extremely rare, this only happens .5% of the time. 

Unnamed for now, the twins were born to a 31-year-old elephant cow called Curve, named for the curve of one of her tusks. Dad is a 44 year old elephant bull that passed away more than a year ago. 

Both African and Asian elephants are pregnant for 22 months - this longest gestation period for any land animal, one of the longest for any animal on earth.

Unfortunately, elephant Twins often die while competing for their mother's milk. 

But elephants are awesome: when twins are born, other females in the herd often take on nursing to help out mom. Let's hear it for moms. 

We're rooting for you baby elephants!  




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