Son Makes A Heartfelt Video To Find His Lovelorn Mom A Boyfriend

Alex Lyngaas just wants his mom Eva to find true love at last.

Oslo, Norway-based filmmaker Alex Lyngaas spent a year secretly putting together this charming video to help his single mother, Eva, who was born in 1946, find the love of her life. Lyngaas thinks the world of his mother and is looking for the gentleman who will feel the same.

Eva has been single for some time. The pair lives in Norway, but Alex hopes to make the dating pool larger for his mom with this video. He goes on to explain that his mom has been dating for the last couple of years, but nothing has worked out. Throughout the video, Lyngaas’s sweet intentions come across as incredibly sincere.

In the video, "Looking for Adam," Lyngaas says he believes that we're all just looking for love and to be loved in return. This brings him to the point of the project. "I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who's single and deserves a good man," Lyngaas says in the video posted on YouTube.

At the end of the video, we get to watch Eva’s reaction to her son’s efforts to find her a boyfriend. She says, “My gosh, Alex. What do you want to do with this?” He tells her his plan to put the video on YouTube, and she looks astonished. He seems to have won her over, as it has been viewed more than 375,000 times so far.

Eva has received thousands of emails from supporters and potential suitors, but has yet to find love. As she keeps looking, we'd all do well to remember Lyngaas' words:

"I would like to thank my mother for being so brave that she let me post this video, and at the same time exposing her to the world. Please be kind to her and everyone else, including animals. We all deserve to be loved."

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