Sound Of Planet’s Quietest Creatures Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

We have never heard the sound of maggots, centipedes or snails, but we have always wanted to.

BBC’s Jem Stansfield during an experiment, in a sound proof room with world’s best equipment tried to listen to the sounds of these inaudible creatures and he succeeded.

He was surprised to see that the quietest creatures on planet are actually audible. The video is back from 2012 but is just recently trending after being published on Reddit.

Here’s what Redditors have to say about the video:


Hearing the snail eat just made me smile uncontrollably. fantastic


was half expecting the snail to let out a mighty roar.


"Stop Breathing"

He got personal quick.


I'm still trying to figure out why I was holding my breath...


I thought this was rather fantastic. I think the guy running the experiment was really enjoying himself. (As was the narrator)

Okay so my personal favorite is the snail. It was just amazing to hear the sound of snail munching on its lettuce and when the centipede crawled, it felt like it’s crawling on me!

The video is incredibly interesting. Watch and share it with your friends.