South African Parents Find Kidnapped Child 17 Years Later

These parents never gave up hope, and it paid off.

Kidnapped South African Baby Found 17 Years Later

In 1997, two parents lost their newborn child after she was kidnapped from the Groote Schure hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Although it's been 17 long years since the kidnapping, the baby's parents never gave up hope.

Now, nearly two decades after the heartbreaking loss of their child, they have been reunited, and for the first time ever, her parents will be able to celebrate her birthday on April 28th, with their daughter present.

The kidnapper, a 50 year old woman, kidnapped the baby and raised her, making her think that the woman and her husband were her actual, biological parents.

It a twist-of-fate, the girl became friends with her biological sister in school, when other friends noticed how similar the two girls looked. The girls, who also noticed their unmistakable similarities, started a friendship, which turned out to be nothing more than a sisterhood. 

When the biological sister invited her new friend over her house one day, the parents immediately felt a connection to the girl, believing that it was actually their long lost daughter sitting in front of them, not their child's friend.

They called the police, and a DNA test was done, and confirmed. The kidnapper has been arrested.

The mother recalls the awful day 17 years ago, when the nurse told her that her baby was gone. Supposedly, the kidnapper had dressed as a nurse.

Now, the family who never gave up hope, is reunited with their eldest daughter, who has met her three other siblings.

Hopefully, other parents who have lost their children in kidnappings will keep having hope, just as these parents did.

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