These Students Made A Boat Out Of Potato Chips Bags To Show How Much Air They Have

Don’t we all just hate paying for all that air when we buy a pack of chips?

Potato Chips Bags

Name a packet of chips that has more crisps in it than air and you have yourself a winner. There will be none because we don’t think it exists.

Opening a bag expecting it to be full of potato chips hardly ever ends in satisfaction. That’s why three South Korean students decided to make a point of it.

Instead of complaining about it or bellyaching on social media, Jang Sung-taek, Yoo Sung-ho and Park Hyun-soo taped together some bags of chips, made a boat out of them and rode it down the Han River just to prove they contain more air than substance.

Potato Chips Bags
Potato Chips Bags

Potato Chips Bags

We totally get where they are coming from -- as do millions of other people around the globe.

The various chips brands fill packets containing their product with nitrogen gas to protect it from getting damaged during shipment.

Nitrogen not only keeps the chips safe but fresh and crisp as well. Filled with regular air, they will spoil and be no fun to eat.

However, all the logical explanations in the world can’t make up for the disappointment one gets when a perfectly big bag of chips yields nothing more than a handful of crisps, can it?

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