Spanish Actress Fakes A Glamorous Hollywood Career Using Photoshop

Thanks to Instagram filters, Anna Allen successfully fooled her 22,000 followers.

Spanish actress Anna Allen

Like many others, Spanish actress Anna Allen dreamt of having a career in Hollywood, but when that didn’t work out, the struggling artist decided to get a little creative by taking the phrase “fake it till you make it” a bit too literally. 

The 32-year-old began inserting herself into the photos of famous celebrities and sharing the edited photos with her thousands of Instagram followers, successfully tricking them. She even posted a picture of herself at the recent Academy Awards along with a fake anecdote regarding her brief meeting with Neil Patrick Harris.

However, the badly edited image made some of her followers question its authenticity so they began investigating and discovered that the Oscar photo was just the tip of the iceberg. 

The actress had previously posted a picture of her Oscar invite, which was actually a cropped out version of Lupita Nyong'o’s invitation.

Spanish actress fakes career

Apparently, Allen also lied about having a guest role on hit CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. She even posted some edited behind-the-scenes pictures featuring cast members of the show, including herself.

Anna Allen caught forging Photoshopped Oscar's images

In addition to her dodgy Photoshop skills, her “friendship” with White Collar actor Matt Bomer was also not real.

Fake Spanish Actress Photoshops

The Spanish woman also had a weird fascination with One Tree Hill alum Sophia Bush.

Actress Busted Stealing Instagram Pics From Other CelebsSpanish Actress Anna Allen Lies

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Perhaps it would have been OK if she were just lying about meeting famous people and attending popular parties, but the Spanish actress took her crazy to the next level by creating a fake agency too. 

Elena Anaya and Anna AllenGreen Air Agency’s Twitter page only shared Allen’s images and directed the users to a broken link.

The actress pulled something very similar last year during the Oscars season too, but lucky for her, no one caught onto her forgery.

Photoshopping pics

Although Anna Allen never really had an acting career – except some minor success back home in Spain – her poor editing skills means she doesn't have a promising Photoshop career either. 

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