Speed Test Comparison Between All iPhones (VIDEO)


With the release of recent iPhone 5S and 5C, a new debate has been generated. The debate, centers around whether the newly released iPhones are better than all the previous versions which were released by tech and mobile phone giant Apple.

Obviously each iPhone is better than its previously launched version at least on papers and that is what Apple wants you to believe – right? But EverythingApplePro – a YouTube user deals with the myth for once and all. EverythingApplePro does a simple test by placing all iPhones ever made next to each other and performing simple task like powering off, turning on and opening websites simultaneously.

Which generation iPhone manages to live up to the expectation, is really startling to see! The question that everyone needs to ask themselves is whether it is worth spending money on a new iPhone? And whether the new iPhone really is better than the old one. Check out the video below as a speed test comparison between all iPhones reveals just what the true story is!

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