Here's What Egyptians Need: A Hookah-Smoking Spider-Man!

This Spider-man is roaming the streets of Cairo, Egypt

Have you ever wondered what the Spider-Man gets up to in Cairo?  He smokes hookah, rides the subway and does laundry all with a smoke in his hand!

This idea of a superhero in Egypt was suggested by Hossam Atef, 20, who is a freelance photographer. Hossam, wanted to imagine how the superhero would handle the Arab world’s largest city, which has overpopulation and traffic problems amongst countless other issues. 

In the pictures, the Egyptian Spiderman is seen playing with children, running through the streets and taking public transportation.

“Spiderman is the closest thing to a normal person, not like a Superman” says Hossam. He’s trying to highlight how difficult life is for a normal person in Cairo, Egypt. Hossam also added, “All Egyptians are superheroes for enduring these difficulties every day.”

But after four days of running around here and there, the Superhero himself was exhausted. “Even Spiderman could not take it in,” Atef Saad who plays Spiderman on the Cairo streets, added. 

Spiderman is one of the most popular and commercially successful fictional comic book superheros. He has the ability to climb walls, superhuman strength and a sixth sense that alerts him to danger.