Spoiled Brat Sets His Ferrari On Fire So He Can Get A New One

A 20-year-old spoiled Swiss man burns the Ferrari his rich father bought him in a cunning scheme to use the insurance money to buy an upgraded model.

Ferrari on fire, Ferrari 458 Italia set on fire

In all of the petty rich kid antics, this one takes the cake.

A 20-year-old Swiss man set fire to his Ferrari 458 Italia in a poorly-executed scheme to use the insurance money to upgrade to a newer model.

The car was one of 15 (including a Lamborghini) gifted to him by his rich father who also gives the spoiled 20-year-old between $5,000 to $10,000 a month plus a property portfolio worth $30 million. Geez, this kid really has it rough.

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According to 20 Minutes, the unnamed 20-year-old visited a car dealership in March 2014 to get his car valued in hopes of upgrading it. Unfortunately, he was short of funds so the dealer slyly suggested he commit insurance fraud and use the money to purchase the upgrade. So the rich kid devised a plan to torch his car. He recruited three accomplices — including someone who works at the dealership — and paid them $15,000 each for them to hop the border over to Germany and burn his car while he got a massage.

burned ferrari, Swiss man burns the Ferrari

But his cunning scheme failed as security camera footage caught sight of the arson and he was slammed with 22 months probation and fined $32,000. The 20-year-old told the court he was too scared to tell his dad he didn’t like the Ferrari. 

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