Squirrel Is Caught Red-Handed Trying To Steal a GoPro

What would a rodent do with a GoPro camera? It seems animals have finally grasped the concept of stealing.

Squirrel attempts to steal GoPro

In the video below, a naughty squirrel can be seen stealing a man's GoPro camera and carrying it to a tree before dropping it down.

The tree rat carefully approaches the camera before scampering away with it to its abode. Having been spotted by the owner, David Freiheit – who, by the way, is a lawyer – the squirrel immediately dropped the camera. Perhaps it preferred to live a life on tree branches rather than behind bars.

While we'd like to think that the rodent stole the camera, it's actually not that simple. Freiheit had attached a piece of bread to his GoPro and actually lured the animal into committing an act that looked like theft but actually wasn't. Wait a minute. Does that count as entrapment? Can the squirrel sue?

Watch the video above and decide if the squirrel has a case against Freiheit.

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