Protect Yourself From Star Wars Spoilers With These Apps

Spoilers for the cinematic event of the decade are popping up in random places all across the web. Arm yourselves with these protective apps or surf at your own risk!

The first Star Wars movie to be released in ten years will open nationwide in theaters on Friday. This incredible cinematic event has brought incredible trailers, images, theories, and interviews to the rejoicing corridors of the world wide web.

However, for every light side there is a dark counterpart and in the case of The Force Awakens, the dark side has taken a truly sinister form: spoilers.

Star Wars

The closer we get to the big day the more people exist who have already seen the film through advanced screenings, contests, and official premieres. All it takes is for one of those people to overindulge at the office Christmas party and let something slip to a trollish coworker for spoilers to spread around the internet like wildfire.

Apparently, someone’s been blabbing because major aggregating site’s like Reddit are already warning their users to view posts at their own risk. Apparently, spoiler trolls have begun lobbing big reveals like grenades into totally unrelated comment threads in an attempt to spoil the movie for unsuspecting readers.

Reddit mods are taking down as many posts as possible (and subjecting themselves to the spoilers in the process) so that the wider populace can be spared from having the cinematic event of the decade ruined for them.

We cannot let their brave sacrifices be in vain. We must protect ourselves from the trolls and there are at least two virtually full-proof ways to go about that.

Spoiler Shield

Spoiler Shield is a smartphone app for both iPhone and Android. There is a Chrome extension as well.

You can input specific terms that you want the program to block and it will seek out the offending text and obliterate it from your screen.

Spoiler shield is a good catchall for spoilers around the Internet, but there is also a Star Wars specific solution as well. 

Force block

This extension was built specifically with Star Wars spoilers in mind. If the program detects any Star Wars specific language on a page it will toss up a splash page so you have to intentionally click to view the text.

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Whichever one you choose make sure you choose something before tomorrow.

Once the masses are unleashed upon this film there will be no hope for the unprotected against the scourge of spoilers in this, or any, galaxy. 

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