Stephen Colbert Wins Rubio Water Break Pile On

Marco Rubio's instantly infamous water break inspired jokes and memes from all corners of the internet, but now I believe we have a winner: Stephen Colbert.

We should have known the ultimate result of Marco Rubio's waterbreak from the beginning: another win for Stephen Colbert. From the moment I saw Rubio make a sudden move to his very small water bottle, something about it felt incredibly awkward, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, and neither did the (still hilarious) Rubio water memes that sprouted instantly from the meme-sphere.

Colbert hits it on the head: Rubio tried to play it off by maintaining eye contact throughout the reach, grab and sip. The coverup is always worse than the crime, people: if Rubio had turned away for a moment to grab his water like a normal person, there would have been twitter snark, but he wouldn't have been reduced from the GOP's great hope to "the water guy," in a hot internet second.

Moral: Act natural and watch Stephen Colbert.

Also: The other winner of the Rubio water extravaganza is Deadspin. Go watch (with sound). It's equally amazing in a completely different way.

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