Guy Gets Bathed In Food To Let People Know Of The Hungry

April, 21, 2014: The Raining Food video is trending now on YouTube.

YouTube celebrity Steve Kardynal, universally known for his Chatroulette video series, has released a new video which is all over the internet.

The video, called Raining Food, is a part of the "Raining For Charity" series in order to promote the international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger.

Action Against Hunger is a non-governmental organization dedicated to eradicate world hunger.  It is striving to save the lives of malnourished children as well as provide safe drinking water and sustainable solutions to prevent hunger to the deprived.

The cause is very relevant and demands not just attention but immediate action, especially considering the situation in South Sudan.

Watch Steve being bathed in Ketchup, Mustard, and Candy among other niceties and give a thought to millions devoid of a single meal a day.

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