There Are People In This World Who Actually Think Steven Spielberg Killed A Dinosaur

July 14, 2014: People can’t be this stupid. Or can they?

In the wake of the Kendall Jones controversy – the Texas Tech cheerleader who drew fire from animal lovers after she posted images of her big-game exploits on social media – Internet humorist Jay Branscomb decided to have some fun by posting a photo of director Steven Spielberg posing in a similar manner in front of a triceratops.

The following caption accompanied the satirical image:

"Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man."

Ignorant of the fact that the picture with the triceratops was originally taken on the set of the “Jurassic Park” film – almost two decades ago – a bunch of Facebook users began blasting “animal killer” Spielberg for his “inhuman” actions.

Here are some of the scathing comments:

“A worthless son of a b****!”

“I did not know that Steven Spielberg is a dinosaur hunter. I am not only outraged, but disgusted!!”

“He should be killed instead. Beautiful creature innocently living millions of years ago then this monster comes along.”

“Disgraceful. No wonder dinosaurs became extinct. Sickos like this kill every last one of them as soon as they are discovered. He should be in prison.”

 “Why did he kill such a rare animal?”

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Fortunately, sanity prevailed over ignorance and reasonable people started pointing out that the image was supposed to be a joke.

However, the best comments were the ones that were as satirical as the image itself.

In response to the thread consisting of over 9,000 comments, Branscomb struck back with another photo of Spielberg.

This time the description read:

“Folks, we need your help identifying the vicious shark-killer shown posing with his illegal prey. Sharks are essential to the ecosystem and their waters are protected off the coast of California. If you have any knowledge of this fiend’s identity or whereabouts, please contact authorities immediately.”

This time around, the response was – quite thankfully – much more sensible and people managed to understand the hidden humor.

“He even stuffed it,” wrote one user.

“Look what he did to this poor alien,” commented another.

“Here’s the unedited version,” posted someone, after Photoshopping a rifle to the original image.

If anything, the entire thread under the original post by Jay Branscomb proved that the Internet can really be a weird and an incredibly amazing place at the same time.

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