Flight Attendant's Kindness Brings Disabled Passenger To Tears

When a passenger couldn't eat his in-flight meal, one flight attendant noticed and decided to lend a helping hand. What she did drove the man to tears.

There are many reasons for a grown man to cry no matter what society tells you. Maybe their team lost the big game, maybe they just held your child for the first time, or maybe the kindness of a stranger overcame them. The latter of these reasons is what made a 71-year-old man identified only as Mr. Liu burst into tears on his flight from Zengzhou to Hainan, China.

Mr. Liu is a retired professor and recently suffered a massive stroke that caused him to lose the use his fine motor skills. This made gripping a fork to feed himself difficult to the point of impossibility. When the meals were served on his flight Mr. Liu was unable to eat due to his condition.

One of the flight attendants on Mr. Liu’s plane, Fan Xuesong, noticed him struggling and decided to help him eat.


Kneeling down, Xuesong took Mr. Liu’s fork into her own hand and began to feed him his dinner. The rice was too hard for Mr. Liu to chew, so Xuesong patiently found a box of noodles instead.

Mr. Liu was overwhelmed by this gesture of kindness and began to cry in the middle of the flight.


“When I said I wanted to feed him, he suddenly felt touched and started to cry,” Xuesong said.

Mr. Liu was not the only one touched by the incident. Photos of Xuesong’s act of kindness spread like wildfire around the internet and the flight attendant is being praised throughout China for her good deed.

She certainly deserves every bit of it. 

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